My last iPhone (The iPhone X) was IMHO the first mildly serious stretch towards a semi-professional market. Before that, I never really considered the iPhone, nor any other mobile phone as a serious tool for taking photos. Small sensors equal not so good photos, especially in bad lighting.

The new iPhone 12 Pro makes the newest tech in a good way, but all technology doesn’t go in the way of more quality lenses and better sensors but instead utilizes the power of the new A14 Bionic processor and does all kind of AI magic.

In other words, you don’t have to know almost anything about photography (even dough it helps) to make good photos. The result is sometimes great, sometimes OK-ish. Definitely a step up in comparison to the iPhone X.

Here are some photos from perhaps the last warm and sunny day of the year, here in Croatia Zagreb. One thing to keep in mind: all the photos are don with a native camera, no edit, resized for the web, and compressed with the ImageOptim.


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