It’s hard to describe what Zagreb’s Design District is, but just strolling around the ‘Martićeva zone’, you instantly of get the glimpse of it really is. However, it’s hard to describe it with words. It’s a mix of primarily design related things, deeply connected with the culture of this district, which some people even compare to Zagreb’s Williamsburg.

The Battle of Samobor (Bitka kod Samobora) held place on March 1st, 1441, somewhere around Samobor. On one side there were forces of Urlich II of Celje, and on the other was Stjepan Banic, of the former Kingdom of Croatia. In a struggle for succession of the Crown of St. Stephen, Banic was allied to Vladislaus III of Varna while Ulrich II supported Ladislaus the Posthumous’s eventual right to the throne. Czech mercenary Jan Vitovec commanded Ulrich II’s forces, which were ultimately victorious, taking Banic prisoner after the battle.

Špancirfest 2015

Spancirfest is a street festival that traditionally takes place in Varazdin. Every year at the end of August, cultural core of the town is filled with professional and self-taught artists from all over the world. As the organizers say, it’s a festival that cultivates creative thinking, imagination and freedom of expression. It brings together musicians and bands, theater companies, street performance companies, individual street performers and visual artists. Last year, the festival had over 900.000 visitors, and is looking to break the million mark this year, 17th time in a row.

every courtyard has its own story

Zagreb can be pretty boring during summertime. At least it was when I was growing up. But last few years something has changed – the town lives, especially during summer! Dvorista (The Courtyards) is one of many events in the city of Zagreb that is a great example what tourist offers should look like during summer.