My last iPhone (The iPhone X) was IMHO the first mildly serious stretch towards a semi-professional market. Before that, I never really considered the iPhone, nor any other mobile phone as a serious tool for taking photos. Small sensors equal not so good photos, especially in bad lighting.

Tinkering with bikes is an essential part of mountain-biking. After riding trails with mud, rocks, and dust, something always gets loose, starts squeaking or even breaks. Additionally, there are always things to upgrade. So, we decided to switch yesterday’s ride with a casual bike workshop & beer.

Hrelic Flea Market

If you ask Tripadvisor, Hrelic Flea market is on number 122 of 204 things to do in Zagreb, and for a good reason. This authentic flea market is one of the things you just got to see if you are in the Croatian capital.

In the East Side of Berlin, on Eichenstraße, near the East Side Gallery, every Saturday there is an ongoing flea market. In a big hangar, it’s as someone opened the door to their garage, where they piled up things from almost a century. You could find anything from A to Zed: old vinyl records, sofas, bicycle forks, doorknobs of any kind – you name it. To be honest, most of the stuff was not in good shape, but it was definitely interesting to snoop around.

Broadway is probably the most recognizable street in Manhattan – a real cornerstone of New York City. The best known as “the place to be” for aspiring American stage actors, this longest street, not only in NYC but the world, has some great stories to tell.

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