Rastoke is a beautiful place near Slunj, where river Slunjcica flows into river Korana. It is well known for its well preserved mills and few fantastic waterfalls. Sometimes called The Small Lakes of Plitvice, it emphasizes the true beauty of the place.

We spent only one afternoon in Rastoke, but it felt like like one whole vacation. The place itself is pretty small, but it hosts three named waterfalls (Fairies Hair, Buk and Hrvoje), a cave, a mill, a textile processing facility, a museum, a fishpond and a big meadow with a totem in the middle. There is also a tavern, a small motel, a souvenir shop and even a congress hall, perfect for seminars, lectures and team building.

The weirdest thing was that, although it was only the beginning of the season (the beginning of April), you’d expect more people coming in. But we definitely didn’t complain…

Hrvoje waterfall
Hrvoje waterfall

The legend says that a young man named Hrvoje ended his life jumping over the waterfall. He was a miller and the girl he loved was very wealthy and her parents didn’t approve of the relationship. This waterfall is also the highest waterfall in Rastoke.

The view

Rastoke 3
Buk waterfall got its name because of the noise it makes (in Croatian the word ‘Buka’ means ‘noise’).

Rastoke 4

Rastoke 5
That thing on the rope is in fact the gate used in canoe races.

Rastoke 5a

Rastoke 5b
There a few bicycle routes along side Rastoke, and you can also rent a bike.

Welcome to Rastoke

Because of its natural beauties and tradition, Rastoke village has been under the protection of the State Directorate for cultural and historical heritage since 1962. For thousands of years, the waters of Korana and Slunjcica, fought the laws of nature and this remarkable canyon was made.

Rastoke 5c
The main entrance

Today, there are about 30 households in Rastoke,  living mainly from watermills.

Rastoke 5d

Rastoke 5e
Residents of Rastoke live in houses beside the river.

Rastoke 5f

Rastoke 5g

During the Homeland War in the 1990’s, the village was completely devastated. It was renovated with the help of Croatian Ministry of Development and Reconstruction.

Rastoke 5h

Rastoke 6

RAstoke 6a

Rastoke 7

Rastoke 8

Restaurant Pod Rastockim Krovom is the perfect place if you want to try homemade specialties (masnica, proja, batter-dumplings and trouts from the nearby mere) and see a mill where golden flour is made in an old-fashioned way.

Rastoke 42

Rastoke 9

Rastoke 10

Rastoke 12
The mill

Rastoke 14

Rastoke 15

Rastoke 17

Rastoke 18
Yes, that’s the beginning of a rainbow.

Rastoke 20

Rastoke 42

Rastoke 21

Rastoke 22

Rastoke 51

Rastoke 23
Waterfall Hrvoje once again
Rastoke 24

Rastoke 26

Rastoke 19
Rastoke is a perfect place for taking some time to reflect.

Rastoke 27a

Rastoke 27b

Rastoke 28

Rastoke 29

Rastoke 30

The Cave

Rastoke are a karst-limestone origin as can be seen by numerous waterfalls, islands and cliffs. The water itself made numerous ground formations, including caves.

Rastoke 32

Rastoke 34

Rastoke 35

Rastoke 36

Rastoke 37

Rastoke 38

Rastoke 39

Rastoke 40

Rastoke 41

Rastoke 43

Rastoke 44

Rastoke 46

Rastoke 47

Rastoke 48

Rastoke 49

Rastoke 50

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