Videos I am proud of

Since I started working for Five Agency, I had an urge to push my content creation to the next level. Photography has been my hobby for more than ten years, so videography was a logical step forward. I took my Canon 6D, put it in video mode, and a few dozen videos later, I’m so glad I did it. Video opens so much space for creativity. 

For the last team building, the entire company went sailing in Kornati bay. This is the video I’m extremely proud of because it was shot with only one GoPro (obviously with some help of a drone). 

Camera/lens: GoPro Hero 6 

Editing: Premiere Pro, After Effects 

Listra – list of the things to do in Istria. Summer 2019. 

Camera/lens: GoPro Hero 6, DJI Osmo Action

Editing: Premiere Pro, After Effects  

A short video from Shift Conference – the biggest developers conference in southeast Europe. 

Camera/lens: Canon 6D, Canon 17-40mm f:4, 50mm f:1.4

Editing: Premiere Pro

A promo video for Five Boot Camp – an internship program for young designers and developers. I actually did the concept for the program, and the whole marketing strategy. Believe it or not, this video was shot on one hour (that’s 60 minutes), and i edited it in about two days. The same video went viral. 

Camera/lens: Canon 6D, Canon 17-40mm f:4, 50mm f:1.4

Editing: Premiere Pro

At the time, this was way out of my comfort zone – I had zero experience with typography videos, so this one was done entirely in Premiere Pro. Either way, I like to think it turned out pretty good since I used only Premier Pro for this. 

Camera/lens: Canon 6D, Canon 17-40mm f:4, 50mm f:1.4

Editing: Premiere Pro 

An introduction video of Five Boot Camp and my first motion graphic video. 

Editing: After Effects, Photoshop

Five Dev Bites – special mini series of tutorials aimed at developers, solve all kinds of programming problems. Apart from filming aned editing, I did the whole concept for the series. 

Editing: Premiere

Another example of a short documentary type video, where we explained the process behind the Improvement Day. 

Editing: Premiere, After Effects 

Showreel video from the biggest student event in Croatia. 

Editing: Premiere, After Effects 

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