every courtyard has its own story

Zagreb can be pretty boring during summertime. At least it was when I was growing up. But last few years something has changed – the town lives, especially during summer! Dvorista (The Courtyards) is one of many events in the city of Zagreb that is a great example what tourist offers should look like during summer.

bundek 2007

Every year my hometown hosts an international fireworks festival. It usually last for a couple of days, so it’s a great opportunity to master photographing fireworks – in my opinion one of the most complicated things to capture with the camera.

Hrvatsko Zagorje, velvia 50

After shooting some architecture with Velvia 100, I’ve decided to have some fun with Velvia 50. Like the previous series, in this one I also used Praktica MTL5b and some Pentacon lenses (50mm f:1.8 and 29mm f:2.8, although I also own 200mm f:4 but for some reason I don’t use it). I bought the film in late April this year in a shop called Praxis (pretty much the best place for buying photographic film in Croatia). To be honest, I’ve had a pretty shitty summer due to some postponed faculty related stuff, so pretty much nothing interesting happened, but some of these photos have a deeper background story (at least for me).

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