Recently I bought a GoPro Hero 4 Session. It was a no-brainer over the Hero 4 Black or Silver costing twice as much, and because I mainly use it on my head while mountain-biking so a lighter camera is always a plus. Regardless, I wanted to try it on the roof of my car. It came with an additional flat mount, and I already have it on my helmet, so I decided to use it and make a time-lapse. I’ve never really done time-lapses (don’t know why), but I’ve decided to give it a go.

Rastoke is a beautiful place near Slunj, where river Slunjcica flows into river Korana. It is well known for its well preserved mills and few fantastic waterfalls. Sometimes called The Small Lakes of Plitvice, it emphasizes the true beauty of the place.

The Battle of Samobor (Bitka kod Samobora) held place on March 1st, 1441, somewhere around Samobor. On one side there were forces of Urlich II of Celje, and on the other was Stjepan Banic, of the former Kingdom of Croatia. In a struggle for succession of the Crown of St. Stephen, Banic was allied to Vladislaus III of Varna while Ulrich II supported Ladislaus the Posthumous’s eventual right to the throne. Czech mercenary Jan Vitovec commanded Ulrich II’s forces, which were ultimately victorious, taking Banic prisoner after the battle.

If translated from Croatian, the name of this place would be A Pub Under the Linden. In the Slavic mythology, the linden was considered a sacred tree, representing friendship, loyalty and tenderness. In Croatia, linden often occupied a central place in rural communities, around churches or in the center of villages. Under its treetop, village meetings were held.

Medvedgrad above the clouds

During winter, the sky above Zagreb is typically covered with clouds. Sometimes weeks, even months pass by without any direct sunlight, like some gray matter has taken over the city. Well, technically there has, and that gray matter are clouds.

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