If translated from Croatian, the name of this place would be A Pub Under the Linden. In the Slavic mythology, the linden was considered a sacred tree, representing friendship, loyalty and tenderness. In Croatia, linden often occupied a central place in rural communities, around churches or in the center of villages. Under its treetop, village meetings were held.

Medvedgrad above the clouds

During winter, the sky above Zagreb is typically covered with clouds. Sometimes weeks, even months pass by without any direct sunlight, like some gray matter has taken over the city. Well, technically there has, and that gray matter are clouds.

Last six years in Croatia, in the end of November, the last rally of the season takes place near Sveta Nedelja (a small town near Zagreb). This rally is special because the surface, unlike all the other rallies in Croatia, isn’t tarmac – it’s gravel. Gravel is incomparably more pleasurable to drive on, and it’s definitely more fun for the spectators. In a way, that is the reason the official name of the rally is ‘Rally Show Santa Domenica’.

Bled lake

This was actually an unplanned business trip. On Monday morning we got an e-mail saying that the whole sector is participating in a seminar in well known Bled School of Management. I knew that I probably wouldn’t have much time (we got a ton of business cases to study), but nevertheless, I brought a camera, which turned out to be a brilliant idea.

Špancirfest 2015

Spancirfest is a street festival that traditionally takes place in Varazdin. Every year at the end of August, cultural core of the town is filled with professional and self-taught artists from all over the world. As the organizers say, it’s a festival that cultivates creative thinking, imagination and freedom of expression. It brings together musicians and bands, theater companies, street performance companies, individual street performers and visual artists. Last year, the festival had over 900.000 visitors, and is looking to break the million mark this year, 17th time in a row.

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