Dario Belic - photographer and videographer

Tomislav Moze – photographer

Vedran Rapo - cinematographer

Maric Sisters – extremely talented young photographers

Mara Bratos – fashion photographer

bosniak – architectural photographer

Nathan Jones – writer, photographer, educator, and skeptic.

Robert Gojevic – wet plate photographer



DeviantArt - home to all kinds of art

1x - curated photography

fotoblur – creative photography community

Instagram – photos of #food 



Humans of Zagreb – people of Zagreb

Zagrepcani (by kresimir Zadravec) – Zagreb street photography



Cahayabox - news from photography world (in Croatian) - great place to learn photography (in Croatian)

alternativephotography - The name says it all

lomography - shooting lomo before it was cool

dpreview - buying a new camera? This is the place to go

foto8 – documentary photography

Photo Argus - pretty much everything about photography on one place – rising stars – no. 1 place for film photography


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