Remember the 90’s and those cheap analog cameras? In Croatia, we often called them ‘Idiots’ because they were operated by merely point-and-shoot principle, much like Instagram used to before it all became so complicated.

Also, things were simpler back then. You got a roll of 30-something chances to get a photo you wanted. No filters, no retakes, hell, you couldn’t even see the images before you got them developed. Try to explain that to your kids next time they complain their 4G internet is too slow.

Anyway, like for everything, there is an app for getting back to 1998, and it’s called Huji Cam. Here’s one album from a friend and family celebration taken a month ago. I would have uploaded them earlier, but it took me some time to get them developed.

Written by Hrvoje Mihajlic
I am a 30-something Digital Marketer specialized in content. Photography is one of my hobbies.