So I’m an amateur photographer?

Hrvoje Mihajlic Photography 2015

Well… I’ve had my professional moments through the years, but today, as I earn my living other ways, I don’t have the need to take photos for money (which is today an unwritten definition of a professional photographer). 

I started photography in my last year of high school (class of ’06.), bought my first D-SLR a year later, and since then have a couple of phases that, ironically, brought me back to beginning: trying to make a  decent composition and tell some kind of a story – which is really what I’m trying to achieve with the photo blog that I’ve recently started writing (and shooting).

Some of my best work (in my opinion) trough the years, I tried to systemize in the portfolio – every group represents photos that are somehow thematically related.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading (and watching),





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